A bankruptcy loan most often means obtaining a loan after a bankruptcy case has been discharged. While the plentiful availability of post bankruptcy loans may be surprising, the more difficult task often comes when fitting one's budget in with the terms of the mortgage, credit card or auto loan offered. Loans to avoid bankruptcy or foreclosure work very well but they can be very hard to get unless the homeowner has 30% or more equity in the home or still has good credit. Some homeowners may be looking for a personal or unsecured loan to stop a bankruptcy. Unfortunately, unless their credit scores still remain very good these loans do not exist. When a loan cannot prevent a bankruptcy many other debt options may save the debtor from a bankruptcy filing. For debtors in an active Chapter 13 who have been current for the past year, refinance loans to pull out of the bankruptcy can pay off the creditors and sometimes lower payments as well.

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Past bankruptcy over four years ago - great credit since then Great credit - looking to avoid future bankruptcy
Past bankruptcy over two years ago - great credit since then Good credit and current on debt - but worried about bankruptcy
Fair credit - looking to buy a home Late on some payments but no legal bankruptcy filed yet
Poor credit - looking to buy a home Past bankruptcy within two years
Stop bankruptcy loan - Credit already ruined, Bankruptcy imminent
In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - Payments current for one year or more

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New Home Purchase Loan
Refinance, Debt Consolidation, Home Equity, Foreclosure Prevention or 2nd Mortgage ($75,000 or higher loan request)
Refinance, Debt Consolidation, Home Equity, Foreclosure Prevention or 2nd Mortgage ($74,999 or lower loan request)
Auto Loan
Credit Card
Personal - Unsecured Loan (Credit must still be Excellent to Good)
Student Loan, Student Loan Consolidation

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